Expert HTML5 Web and Mobile App Developers

Our Approach

Launch fast, iterate faster. Using Lean development methodologies, we launch a functional, market-ready product in weeks. We're the perfect team to build yor Minimum Viable Product.


We build products that solve real problems. When designing the User Experience, we believe that simplicity always wins.


We speak JavaScript, the universal language of the Web. JavaScript allows us to create high-quality, multi-platform apps in a short amount of time.


"(PKL) does an excellent job in helping fledgling organizations work through the process of bringing an idea to fruition"

PKL was extremely patient in helping me as a non-tech savvy individual understand the processes and complexities with realizing my vision. They also did an exceptional job in presenting different options I could pursue as we built out the product, and were always very clear to outline the benefits and risks of one approach vs another.

I think I was a bit intimidated by the initial rate for the services, but in the end, was very happy with the value and felt this was a great investment. Also, I appreciated the transparency and clear estimates as to costs going forward, and the clear updates when there were minor changes.

Stephen Pomedli
Toronto, ON
"Few developers pushed as hard to understand the problem space and comb through the details with the humility of this team"

We approached Powderkeg to build software within a fairly niche sector. Despite the complexity, they took the time to understand the problem and the reasoning behind our approach. They gained a depth of understanding and enabled important discussions that allowed us to stratify our priorities in developing our product. Most shops we spoke with did not nearly match that level of commitment to critically thinking through the whole problem/solution space.

We were pleasantly surprised by how Powderkeg had much to offer for our whole business beyond software development. Additionally, they never seemed to be in sales mode since they had the confidence to stand by their work and abilities. We felt like they had our interests at heart the whole time. That's tremendously valuable and we recommend reaching out to them for that reason.

Ilan Shahin
Toronto, ON
"PowderKeg protected our seed capital and helped us find our market faster."

Working with PowderKeg altered our entire approach to building a startup. We thought we 'got' the Lean Startup Methodolgy but we quickly learned we really didn't as they led us through a number of surprising Validated Learning experiments. PowderKeg protected our seed capital and helped us find our market faster.

Brennan Kelly, Clover Awards
Toronto, ON